1.  Is the Rutgers-Camden PMBA program accredited?

  • Yes, our program is fully accredited by the AACSB International, which is the premier accrediting organization for business programs.

2.  How does the PMBA differ from the Rutgers MBA Program?

  • The PMBA is a cohort program wherein a student goes through the accelerated 21-month program with a peer group of professionals and executives with diverse work and educational backgrounds.
  • Although the degrees are identical, the format and structure is different for the PMBA.

3.  How long is each session?

  • 10 weeks.

4.  If a student must drop from the PMBA program, is there an opportunity for re-entry?

  • Yes, depending on the reason for the drop.

5.  Are there any special events for program participants?

  • Kick-off dinner (during first month of program)
  • Holiday party (December)
  • Mid-program get-together
  • Graduation Party (May)


1.  How many credit hours are required to complete the PMBA Program?

  • 42

2.  What is the structure of the Rutgers-Camden PMBA?

  • 42 credits will be offered in 7 sessions. Each session will run for 10 weeks, with no more than two courses required for each session.

3.  Is a concentration available within the program?

  • No. However, a concentration may be earned at the end of the program.

4.  Does the Rutgers-Camden PMBA offer any opportunities for study abroad?

  • There will be a mandatory international 9-day residency to an emerging business nation.


1.  When do the PMBA classes meet?

  • Currently, the program is being offered on Saturdays

2.  What times do the PMBA classes meet?

  • 8am-5pm on Saturday (with a lunch break)

3.  How long is each session?


1.  When is the PMBA application deadline?

  • The program adopts rolling admissions up to August 31, 2017.

2.  Where do I obtain an application?

  • (admission website)

3.  What supporting materials are required with my application?

  • A completed 4-year undergraduate bachelor’s degree, original transcripts, completed application, application fee, personal statement, two letters of recommendation (one must be from a current or recent supervisor), standardized test scores, and resume.

4.  Is a standardized test required for admission to the PBMA program?

  • Yes.

5.  Are standardized test scores ever waived?

  • Yes. Applicants with exceptional work experience or an advanced degree should upload their resume and a copy of all transcripts to https://gmat.camden.rutgers.edu/ requesting a waiver of test scores. The Associate Dean of Graduate Programs or his/her designee will provide a response within 7 working days of the request.Note: Foreign transcripts should be processed for U.S. equivalency through WES (Worldwode Education Services).

6.  Is work experience required?

  • Yes, a minimum of 3 years professional experience is required.

7.  Does the application process require an interview?

  • Yes. The Graduate Office will schedule interviews for qualified applicants.

8.  Can I apply to the PMBA program as a non-degreed or non-matriculated student?

  • No.

9.  Is an undergraduate degree in business required for admission?

  • No. A four-year bachelor’s degree is required, but it does not have to be in business.

10.  When are admission decisions made?

  • 48-72 hours after the interview.

11.  Are international students eligible for admission?

  • No, students holding a F or J visa ineligible for this program.


1.    What is the cost of tuition?

2.    What is the payment structure of the tuition?

  • Once accepted, there is a non-refundable deposit of $3,000 due prior to the first day of class. The remaining tuition will be due in 6 equal segments over the duration of the program. Payments will be due 30 days after completion of each session and grades are posted.

3.    What does the tuition include?

  • Tuition, fees, textbooks, parking, iPad or laptop, international residency (excluding airfare and meals), graduation regalia, free parking, and exceptional customer service.

4.    Can I apply to financial aid for the PMBA program?

  • Yes. You may qualify for federal assistance.
  • Please visit our Financial Aid website for more information:

5.    Who can I contact to see if Veteran benefits apply?

Fred Davis

Campus Director of Veterans Affairs
Rutgers University–Camden
Veterans Affairs Office

Campus Center
326 Penn Street, Room 017B
Camden, NJ 08102